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WISE Apprenticeships Toolkit

The WISE Apprenticeship toolkit aims to support employers to engage female apprentices and address some of the challenges in recruitment and retention.

WISE Apprenticeships Toolkit

With women representing fewer than 5% of Technical Apprentices, WISE is developing a toolkit to help support organisations recruit more females into STEM apprentices across the UK. The toolkit targets four key areas to enable employers to Attract, Engage, Support and Retain women into their technical roles through a series of practical steps.


Practical Steps to work with and engage girls from 11 to 18


Re-energise your recruitment process to attract new applicants


Training, mentoring and buddying throughout the apprenticeship


Expert advice and the WISE Ten Steps on an inclusive environment

We are looking for key partners for WISE as we develop this resource. Please contact Dr Mhairi Crawford, Development Director on m.crawford@wisecampaign.org.uk for more details.

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