2022 Welcome to The WISE Young Professionals Board

A reflection on our 2021 achievements and who’s new in 2022.


In what was another year of unpredictability and uncertainty, the Young Professionals’ Board did what they always have – overcome adversity and inspire. Continuing to work online for the majority of the year hasn’t slowed us down, we have been able to reach out and engage with our widest audiences yet thanks to social media.

That said, it was a day we all looked forward to when we were finally able to host an in-person meeting; coming at the end of the year this allowed us to come together and look back on our achievements over the past year.

  • As part of the WISE conference, the Young Professionals’ Board hosted a panel discussion on the eco-gender gap.
  • Instagram mythbusters reels have been a huge success and helped us to reach over 10 thousand accounts since July 2021.
  • We have dedicated a group to begin exploring the challenges of retaining women in the STEM workforce.
  • We designed and run a STEM puzzle challenge which introduced some lesser-known job roles to our younger audience.

New Year, New Members

The Young Professionals’ Board is thrilled to welcome five new members! Each excelled through their interviews, demonstrating a passion, drive and commitment to making change.

Here is a brief introduction to each of them:

Bethany Hall – Electrical Systems Engineer @ Rolls-Royce

(Currently completing a 12 month secondment to FlyZero, Aerospace Technology Institute)

Through action and conversations which centre intersectionality and authentic inclusion, I’m looking to raise awareness of the micro aggressions and structural mechanisms that work against people in industry today, such as the gender pay gap, menopause awareness, unequal maternity/paternity provisions, etc. Through this, I hope to learn more myself to become a better ambassador for inclusion as I grow in my career. 

Ellie Gomes-Callus – Policy Officer @ The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Gov UK

I hope, as a member of the WYPB, I will be able to lead meaningful change with regards to diversity and inclusion in STEM. I believe that this is important as it, not only, drives creativity and innovation within STEM industries, but also, provides a wider range of available skills and celebrates multiplicity.

Jesie Dyos – Field Scientist @ Thames Water

I studied and now work in STEM role, but it was not until I entered the corporate world that I really face gender inequality and observe it first-hand. Working in a very male dominated sector has emphasised the difficulties women of all ages and in different stages of their career face daily directly and indirectly.

I wanted to work with other liked minded individuals and be a part of driving change on gender imbalance, to make the workplace a positive environment for all. I strongly believe and want to encourage bringing your whole self to work.

Katy Corfield – Quality Manager @ GSK

Particularly within the last few years, there is a bigger magnifying glass on some of the challenging and increasingly complex problems the world is facing. It is becoming even more obvious that in order to try and tackle these complex problems there is no room for exclusivity, we need a diverse mindset to be able to work across boundaries and continue to provide innovative solutions to these challenges.

Muneebah Quyyam – Systems Engineer @ Atkins

I am delighted to join the WISE Young Professionals’ Board (YPB) because I am passionate about creating positive cultural change in STEM. Also, working collaboratively with my peers to make meaningful change in advancing women in STEM. Following my MSci Mathematics degree, I have applied my passion for Mathematics and problem solving to the field of Engineering working across the Aerospace, Defence, Nuclear and Transportation sectors. I will bring my diverse experience to the YPB to positively address stereotypes within STEM, champion diversity of thought and inspire & engage women and young people to pursue STEM careers.

Finally, I would like to congratulate, thank and say a fond farewell to the five members of the Young Professionals’ Board who are moving on to be alumni members. They have all contributed so much to the Young Professionals’ Board during their time with us. As such exceptional role models, I know they have helped to inspire so many to consider a career in STEM.

I want to say a huge thank you to: Abigail, Frida, Gisela, Halimatu and Hazel.

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