For the first time ever, there are more than 1 million women working in core STEM roles across the UK. Join us as we celebrate this significant milestone and inspire more women to become


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By putting your face to the million, you will help us build an interactive photo collage that celebrates the brilliant contributions women like you are making – through science, technology, engineering and maths – to create real and lasting change in the UK today.

We encourage all women working in STEM to upload your photo and story. Learn more about some of the inspiring women who are making a difference in their fields by hovering on the images opposite.

As a Data Scientist at Lloyds Banking Group, I’m proud to be 1 of the Million because I have the great opportunity to find innovative solutions to help customers and colleagues.

Beth Dougall, Data Scientist, Lloyds Banking Group

As a Capability Manager in Chief Data Office at Lloyds Banking Group, I’m proud to be 1 of the Million because I get the opportunity to play my bit to make a difference in today’s world which is evolving with uses of data and data-driven technologies.

Devina Dhar Roy, Capability Manager in Chief Data Office, Lloyds Banking Group

I’m proud to be 1 of the Million because STEM subjects are fun! They are interesting and they are thought provoking!  Like to know Why something is like it is, keep learning & asking how & why? Then you love STEM too!

Mags Teale, Adoptions & Academy Lead for Digital & Intelligent Products, Lloyds Banking Group

As an Applied Sciences Product Specialist at Lloyds Banking Group, I’m proud to be 1 of the Million because I’m changing the ratio of men:women in STEM, and driving the gender diversity conversation forward at Lloyds, in collaboration with WISE.

Lauren Exell, Applied Sciences Product Specialist, Lloyds Banking Group

I’m proud to be 1 of the Million because I am passionate about technology and especially robotics. I enjoy and thrive in the ever changing, fast paced tech industry and the challenges it provides. I am proud to share my knowledge with others through my work with Lloyds and also through the code club I run at my local primary school. I love to see how people react to modern technology and enjoy seeing the difference new tech makes to peoples everyday lives.

Sarah Varley, RPA Hub Lead, Lloyds Banking Group


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#1ofTheMillion Day

This will be a day to share your photo so that we can put a face to the million. Snap a selfie with our #1ofTheMillion sign, tell us why you are passionate about STEM and upload your image to the WISE Twitter account. Challenge your friends, colleagues and role models to do the same by tagging them in your post and don’t forget to use #1ofTheMillion.

If you are not a woman in STEM, you can still take part! Post a picture with our Proud to Support #1ofTheMillion sign and tell us why you and/or your company support gender balance in STEM.


In celebration of the 1 million, we will be highlighting the impact made by our past WISE Award Winners.

With the help of our partners, we will select 20 previous WISE Award winners to be featured in our WISE 20 Showcase. Highlighting the individuals and organisations whose stories have the most potential to inspire others to follow in their footsteps, the showcase will be unveiled at an exclusive event prior to being posted here.

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We also celebrate by looking back over our WISE Award Winners of the past 20 years, to see what they achieved and how their story developed since winning their award

Susan Harris

Lead Science Technician at Benenden School

Girls would say “I don’t want to be a doctor, so why should I study science?”

Susan’s Story

2019 Winner of the WISE Technician Award

From a very early age, I wanted to know how everything worked and why, so Science was my career choice. After several years in industrial laboratories, from organic chemistry to microbiology, I joined Benenden school in 2006, allowing me to share my passion for STEM with a new generation of enquiring minds. However, I was astounded at the number of images of male scientists there were in school textbooks and how often, if there were pictures of women they would be represented helping the males.

This was reflected by girls feeling that STEM subjects were only for the brightest students, or they would say “I don’t want to be a doctor, so why should I study science” Physics, Chemistry, Technology and engineering, were thought to be uncool, or only for boys. It became my mission to change these perceptions, I wanted to show the girls I worked with that they could achieve great things in any field they wanted and women could be the leaders too.

Over the last 5 years, I have initiated and run a plethora of research programmes for students at Benenden, working with universities and the broader industry, students are now involved in STEM based projects from as early as year 9 (aged 13). The events I have organised engage female students from both Benenden and schools across Kent, providing them with the opportunity to meet successful female role models from a diverse range of STEM field in addition to providing a monthly woman in science lecture programme and several STEM-based clubs.

Since 2006, Benenden has seen an increase from 8% of students applying to study STEM subjects at university to now being over 30% with many past students securing fantastic roles in the STEM workplace, who are in-turn being approached to be mentors and role models within our programme.

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