Report shows women leaving creative media industries

Posted Jan 11th 2011, 12:40 in Women in SET

The UKRC has expressed its concern at the findings of a new report from Skillset, “Women in the Creative Media Industries”

The report highlights  an exodus of women  from  the media industries, with occupations such as TV/film production or Animation and Games particularly lacking in female talent.  

The UKRC is supporting the Skillset campaign to address this and has released statistics which support the report's findings (click to download). 

Di Barber, UKRC Employer Consultant for Greater London and England South, says: "Our analysis combined with the excellent report from SkillSET shows that there is a strong gender bias in computing, and that the loss of women represents a real loss to this important industry.

"Few girls are taking Computing Science at A’ Level - just 8.9% of girls taking A levels in 2010. This is often used to claim that ‘girls are not interested in IT’. However, very few boys take it either. We know that girls and women are very much interested in core subjects that can lead to a career in IT, such as mathematics, and that the computing industry needs more applicants, from more diverse backgrounds.

"One solution would be for IT and gaming companies to widen the scope of their recruitment and outreach so they can find a larger pool of talent to choose from. We would encourage these companies to take this approach and are keen to support those that demonstrate good practice to develop their outreach further.”

The UKRC analysis of HEFCE and JCQ  statistics shows  that only 8.9% of girls took Computing Science at A’Level in 2010 and a total of only 4,100 girls and boys took it in June 2010. Women make up 18.4% of those taking computer science degrees, a much larger proportion than their proportion has been at A’  Level for a number of years. Girls made up 40.6% of those taking A Level Maths in 2010 and women made up 40.1% of those taking Mathematics degrees in 2008/9.  

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