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Three generations of women engineers celebrate International Women’s day

Three generations of women engineers celebrate International Women’s day
Posted 8th March 2011 by Judith Packer

I had the great privilege of having two other women engineers on my team when we handed over our 440MW power plant in November 2010. Katherine Austin, graduate mechanical engineer (left on photo) and Gurka Staeva senior electrical engineer…

Ingenious Women Careers DVD

Posted 8th March 2011 by Katy Deacon

I have been pondering an idea for a while and wanted to share it with everyone with a view to creating another installement in the positive legacy from this Ingenious Women project.

I have been speaking to a number of people recently about my…

Engineering Awards for Women; useful or distasteful?

Posted 22nd February 2011 by Katy Deacon

Within the IET there is a current discussion thread about awards for women in engineering; what is their use, is their presence degrading for women and why then don’t we have awards for other minorities within the industry, not just women.


Ready for your close up?

Posted 12th February 2011 by Angela Saini

Angela Crowther mentioned while we were at the Science Media Centre that she is going to be on-screen soon, and so I thought I'd pass on some tips on how to make the best impression on television or if you're being filmed for a video. The…

Science Media Centre

Posted 12th February 2011 by Ruth Wilson

First a huge thank you to Tom Sheldon at the Science Media Centre for a fascinating and very helpful intro this morning to the work of SMC and an overview of how the media ticks on science and engineering (or should that be scieng as Tom…

Search Engine Optimisation

Posted 3rd February 2011 by Ruth Wilson

Recently we had a two hour training session on how to boost visits to your site through making sure search engines can find it (Search Engine Optimisation).

These are my notes - I hope they make sense!

GoogleGoogle is the most significant…

Interesting opportunities from the Royal Academy of Engineering

Posted 20th January 2011 by Lesley Paterson

Media Mentor Dr Lesley Patterson lists some projects and volunteering opportunities that Ingenious Women may be interested in. Email the UKRC for contact details, or post your queries below. 

*                        University of Cambridge:…

Sue Nelson: how to handle a press office

Posted 15th January 2011 by Sue Nelson

This is the response I put together for Katy Deacon, who emailed me for advice re press offices.  Hopefully it may also be of use for other Ingenious Women.

How to get the best out of a press officer

First of all, be aware that this is from a…

The Economist inspires Ingenious Women engineers

Posted 13th January 2011 by Judith Packer

Challenged by the Ingenious Women program to communicate what we do as scientists and engineers in a more visible and accessible way for the next generation, what inspiration could we glean from Oliver Morton, Energy and Environment Editor of…

How to write well

Posted 11th January 2011 by Georgina Ferry

On the evidence that I’ve seen, the Ingenious Women don’t need much advice from me about how to write. But Ruth has asked me for some tips, so here are a few garnered from 30 years of writing and editing scientific articles and books for…