Yewande Akinola

Yewande Akinola: star of the Channel 4 series ‘Titanic’ and environmental services engineer working on sustainable rainwater harvesting and other sustainable systems

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Yewande is an Environmental Services Engineer with Engineering consultancy, ARUP in Bristol. She has a Bachelors degree in Engineering Design and Appropriate Technology from the University of Warwick and is experienced in the design of sustainable water services in buildings and the design of mechanical systems for water treatment distributions plants. Yewande’s design capabilities include the design of domestic water supply systems within commercial and residential buildings. She has worked extensively in the design of sustainable rainwater harvesting systems and solar thermal systems. 

“I have a real passion for innovation within the engineering industry and enjoys the challenges of taking engineering ideas from concept right through to manufacture. I have been heavily involved in the design, testing and patenting of products that ensure the sustainable and passive operation of water supply systems within buildings. I amcurrently undertaking studies towards an MSc in Innovation and Design for Sustainability at Cranfield University. In my capacity as a consultant, I have advised world leading manufacturers on innovation for the changing world. 

“I have been awarded the Society of Public Health Engineers’ Young Engineer of the Year. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the thrills of working as a Design Engineer and I give talks to young students who are considering Engineering for a career. I am enthusiastic about the many ways engineering ideas can be expressed and communicated and enjoys exploring the use of illustration. 

“I have specific interests in water for underdeveloped and developing countries and I have carried out research towards fulfilling my childhood dream of designing products and systems that ease some of the difficulties in the provision of clean water. 

In my spare time, I enjoy making building models, settling into a good book, writing, travelling and exploring new places.