The 19 engineers

Find out more about the 19 engineers taking part in Ingenious Women:

angela_crowther(auth).jpgAngela Crowther: civil and architectural engineer with a passion for solving problems and buildings that move – who started by inventing ice cream flavours

carmen_torres-sanchez.jpgCarmen Torres-Sanchez: chemical engineer researching porous materials and lecturing at Heriot-Watt University on design and manufacture

chloe_richards_(auth1).jpgChloe Agg: building services engineer, ensuring safe air and piping for pharmaceutical factories and food and consumer production (including chocolate)

nazish_aslam_(auth).jpgDr Nazish Aslam: computing and electronics engineer and Edinburgh-based hi-tech entrepreneur

helen_macadam-1.jpgHelen Macadam: civil engineer working with Network Rail to build a 300m viaduct through a crowded and historic part of London

jem_hamzelou(auth).jpgJem Hamzelou: trainee rehabilitation engineer, helping people become more mobile and exploring medical robotics

kate_grant_auth.jpgKate Grant: electrical engineer working with E.ON to bring exciting and sustainable energy concepts into people’s homes

kayleigh_messer_(auth1).jpgKayleigh Messer: motorsport engineer working for the Renault F1 team – thanks to determination and work experience opportunities

leonie_baker1(auth).jpgLeonie Baker: structural engineer with a background in art, working on art galleries, theatres and museum projects and mentoring young potential engineers

yewande_akinola(auth).jpgYewande Akinola: star of the Channel 4 series ‘Titanic’ and environmental services engineer working on sustainable rainwater harvesting and other sustainable systems

danielle_clissold_auth.jpgDanielle Clissold: engineer in advanced product creation - working with Jaguar to creat future sports cars that will be more beautiful, faster and more efficient

rachel_house(auth).jpgRachel House: a mechanical engineer who has gone from Lego and Meccano to working on a new commercial aircraft for Atkins.

katy_deacon_2.jpgKaty Deacon: Energy Engineer with Kirklees Council, delivering renewable energy systems to schools, colleges and council buildings. Award-winning creator of the Renewable Energy Toolkit.

barnali_ghosh.jpgBarnali Ghosh:Chartered Civil Engineer with a passion for designing safe and efficient foundation for structures in seismically active areas of the world

kathryn_richardson_(auth).jpgKat Richardson is an Engineer, currently working for the Environment Agency as a Regulatory Officer for chemical, pharmaceutical and power plants.

kate_coleman_(auth2).jpgKate Coleman is an integrity engineer working with large power station boilers for E.ON UK

constance_chakanyuka.jpgConstance Chakanyuka is a civil engineer working for the Environment Agency in the Asset   System Management team


Nicola Ashworth works at Parsons Brinckerhoff in the dynamic field of construction on various enJudith Packer: generating electricity to keep our lights on, computers running, freezers cool and our future cars on the roadvironmental projects

Judith Packer works at Parsons Brinckerhoff in the infrastructure and power generation field on various environmental